Wilson Farmhouse

A resident’s perspective.

I am a resident at 19 Simmonds Drive and nearly every day I drive by the Wilson Farmhouse. It is time that this eyesore be demolished. The site should be planted with an assortment of shade trees as there is no other shade in this park.

The Wilson Farmhouse is simply an old brick house that has been painted over. It has no particular agricultural, historic or architectural value and is completely out of place in this park and this neighbourhood. Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to “restore” this property is clearly a waste of money.

I hope I can count on you to do the right thing in not supporting the Wilson farmhouse as a heritage property. I also encourage you to confer with your fellow city council members and urge them to join with you in voting to demolish this unsightly farmhouse. GL



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3 responses to “Wilson Farmhouse

  1. SG

    A few comments to your rant.

    Who is going to pay for these trees. The neighbourhood already has had money spent on a big, beautiful park?
    What makes you an expert on history and architecture?
    Maybe the neighbourhood is out of character with the farmhouse (which was there first)?
    If the anit- Wilson farmhouse residents( I understand that some residents welcome the farmhouse) had allowed the city to sell it when the city decided that they could not find a use or afford to restore it, the farmhouse would be restored by now and the city would have received money forthe house and land.

  2. Don

    Maybe you should just stop driving past it.

  3. Chi_ots

    Luckily we have the choice to look at the old boarded-up Wilson Farmhouse or look the other way. Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury when neighbour’s barking dogs wake us up at night. Put it in perspective.

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