our water…

A resident’s concern.

this is a very well known cause in Guelph – please support on my behalf…
protect our water – support the resolution to oppose Ontario Power Generation’s plan to build a Deep Geological Repository.
burying nuclear waste in an underground dump at the Bruce Nuclear facility in Kincardine in the Great Lakes Basin defies common sense. Oppose OPG’s plan
burying radioactive nuclear waste right beside the Great Lakes, 21% of the world’s fresh surface water and the source of drinking water for 40 million people in two countries is a bad idea. BP



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2 responses to “our water…

  1. Ron

    It is currently stored on site above ground at the Western Waste Management Facility which is located at the Bruce generating station.

    Would you rather it remain above ground?

    If burying it in impermeable rock strata is a a bad idea, what is your solution to deal with the nuclear waste material?

  2. ej

    send it to space. burying it is a timebomb.

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