St. Patrick’s day: Have fun, play respectfully

Staff memo.

As in past years, a number of City Services and external agencies have taken a collaborative approach to help promote a safe and successful St. Patrick’s day.

Specifically, this Monday our approach will be

·Increased staffing levels for Police and Bylaw with proactive patrols being conducted throughout the day and night

·Increased staffing levels for EMS to address emergency calls

·Transit will be operating the Late Night Bus service Monday night and will be maintaining waste receptacles at bus stops

·Public Works and Solid Waste Resources will implement a waste management program along Gordon Street

·A school wide email providing students information and encouraging responsible behaviour will be sent by the University of Guelph

·University student spirit teams will be present in neighbourhoods to address minor waste issues and also encourage responsible behaviour

·Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission Inspectors will be working during the day

On Monday, we anticipate an increase in calls for service
and to ensure appropriate action is taken in a timely manner, residents are encouraged to report concerns to the Guelph Police Service at 519 824-1212.

Through out the day, supervisors will be monitoring calls for service and providing further direction to staff as required.


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