Residential Plow-Out and Canvassers

A resident’s concerns.

I am writing concerning two entirely different topics.

Firstly, with the incredibly nice weather yesterday, out like crocuses came the downtown canvassers. I confess that I have not missed those blue-vested sidewalk solicitors, and I was reminded why as I was approached for donations each of the five or six times I passed through St. George’s Square yesterday afternoon. I respect the freedom of speech of Canadians, but these canvassers are a true nuisance. I am embarrassed to say that last summer, I actually started avoiding the Square because I didn’t want to be bothered by them. This, despite the fact that I work downtown and have to walk from one side to the other every day. Who can I complain to about this?

Secondly, with the incredibly *terrible* weather today, I see that the limit for a residential plow-out has been reached and the entire city will be getting done over the next little while. I would just like to comment that I would fully support a by-law permitting the city to designate no-parking time zones after a storm to allow a full and proper plowing of the city’s streets. I think it’s actually kind of strange that we don’t have such a by-law already. It’s sad to watch the plows going up and down the roads, dodging cars and leaving piles of snow that really never get cleaned up afterwards. I think everyone should just park off-road after a storm and let the plow operators do their work. I’ve seen them do this in Montreal, at times with rather short notice, and it works very well there.

I would actually be much more in support of this than the current and somewhat arbitrary ban on nighttime parking in the fall and winter months. I got dinged for parking on the street in October this year when there wasn’t a flake on the ground, but as it stands, folks can just leave their cars on the street all day during a major snow event. I would propose that both situations are ripe for revisiting.

Thanks for taking the time to read.



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2 responses to “Residential Plow-Out and Canvassers

  1. Ron

    Kitchener and Waterloo have a “Snow Event” by-law on the books. When such an event is declared there is no parking on any city street for 24 hours to allow the crews to plough out the streets.

    $80.00 fine and possibly having your vehicle towed should you be found to be parked on a city street during the 24 hour event

  2. Jim

    Our Council does not care about snow removal as Anne Piper so clearly stated early in the season – Our socialist Council is to busy with all of their social engineering projects to worry about mundane matters like snow removal. I think we saw plows on our street 4 times this winter.


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