wilson farmhouse ideas

A resident’s suggestion.

I came out of last evenings meeting on the farmhouse with a sense that this could really work and would like to thank all of you for the time you have put into this effort.
I had one more idea this morning that I had not thought about at the round table discussions that might integrate the farmhouse into the park and neighbourhood.I volunteer with other neighbours taking care of our “community “ice rink (as opposed to backyard rinks) in Riverside park East. I see and hear how this rink has given a “place” for neighbours and the community to meet ,have fun and build community .
I wondered if there is a rink at the park surrounding the farmhouse ?If not it would be a great opportunity to run water and power( for lights) close to the house and possibly on the same new (larger) service connections ?
If this is a possibility and the rink could be reasonably close to the house -the house with its washrooms and porches could have a similar function to the highly successful and popular rink at city hall.The possibity of getting a warm drink and snack in the WINTER makes it even more appealing.?  MD


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  1. Kevin Huinink

    There is already a purposed spot for the rink that the neighbourhood can work with. It has services, lights, the works.
    Just ready for volunteers to take and apply to run it in 2014-15 (don’t miss the November 22 deadline!!!)

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