Wilson Farmhouse and other things…

A resident’s perspective.

Just read the article in the mercury about the wilson farm.I read about how the heritage advocates in Guelph want to get a bank loan and have the city as a co-signer.
You got to be kidding me…….is this going to be like the soccer dome/sports arena the city co- signed a loan for and the persons running it need the city to bail them out.
If theses heritage advocates are so concerned about the wilson farm why do they not go it alone and purchase the site and leave the city out of it.
And why after all these years of leaving it empty are you and others so concerned about this farm?Why was this not done when it was first donated to the city?I tell you why because
the city had other lofty goals in mind (white elephants)waste recovery plant,new city hall,living wall that is now leaking and turned off, lawsuits,stupid fights the city has and ends up costing us tax payers millions of dollars.

I hope you have your moving boxes ready for after the fall election.

I guess you are not interested in talking about this subject and it shows me that just what i thought you are way out of your league on this one and should stick to running a video
store instead.  GF


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