Wilson Farmhouse community consultation



 Click here to take survey

650 of these postcards will be hand delivered this weekend in the immediate neighbourhood of the Wilson Farm Park.

We will welcome all members of the community to attend.

This is not a City of Guelph sponsored event.



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2 responses to “Wilson Farmhouse community consultation

  1. Anne

    I am not in the immediate area ( about 2 km away) but have known this home for awhile-I recall a gorgeous wedding on its front lawn when it was still “in the country”. I did go to the open house Thursday and realized that it WAS wonderful but it is not financially feasible to make it useable for a community venue-the money needed to make it accessible would be over the top plus many of the wonderful architectural features-doors especially- and entrance way- would be totally gone in order to satisfy the accessibility guidelines. I would suggest offering it to Mennonites to strip down-this would ensure re-use of the wonderful parts and it would save much of the demolition costs.

  2. Chi_ots

    It seems that the biggest concern is that the proposed ideas for restoring the Wilson Farmhouse will cost us money. I suggest we leave that to financial and other experts. None of the residents will be coerced to pay for anything. And the city sure won’t pay. We know that. Trust those who have done this type of project before and see what happens. I think it is a risk worth taking!!

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