Ministry confirms audit would be waste of time

he mayor has received a letter from Minister Linda Jeffery confirming the Province will take no action on a petition from the GrassRoots Guelph group requesting an audit of the City’s finances.

The Minister’s letter reaffirms my confidence that the City of Guelph is well managed and has an open and transparent process. The letter also confirms what we know to be true about the City—our financial position is not only strong, it’s getting stronger.

Guelph demonstrates good financial management, which has a positive impact on its credit profile. The City has a robust set of financial policies and annual fiscal statements that are audited and unqualified. Guelph provides transparent, easy-to-access disclosure to pertinent information and prepares detailed operating and capital budgets.

It’s a shame that despite these recognized practices and our provision of accurate information about City finances and operations, members of GrassRoots Guelph choose to ignore financial facts and use blatant misinformation to try to attack the organization’s reputation.

There will always be debates about the City’s priorities. The Minister’s letter confirms our community is best served by debating those issues here in Guelph where we have a transparent, democratic process in which all Guelph residents can participate.

City staff are preparing a report on the matter to present to City Council this spring. We invite members of GrassRoots Guelph and the public to join us in that public forum to discuss the petition and any other aspect of the City’s finances and operations.


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