Rental Housing – Potential Licensing Program

Staff memo.

As you know, City staff have been exploring a potential licensing program for rental housing in Guelph. I am emailing you with a quick update on the status of our community engagement process and next steps.

We’ve used an online feedback form, held large public meetings and convened a community working group. We’ve listened to, and gathered input from, tenants, landlords, neighbours and other people with an interest in rental housing.

Last night we held a very successful final meeting with the community working group and we thanked them for participating in this process.

Working group members offered several supportive comments – they indicated their appreciation that we’ve listened to their concerns and understand that staff’s recommendation will reflect the needs of the community.

We’ll be using the community feedback and the input from the working group to develop a formal recommendation to Council, through the Planning, Building, Engineering and Environment Committee meeting in May.

All related materials will be published in advance of the May PBEE meeting at We will continue to promote the opportunity for people to participate during the Committee and Council process as Council considers staff’s recommendation regarding rental housing licensing.


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