Rain and Snow over the last 24 hours

Staff memo.

Over the past 24 hours staff have been planning, monitoring and responding to operational needs in response to snow, rain and melting conditions.

The following is a brief update from all major service areas involved in responding to the event.

Public Works

Staff continue to treat the main roadways. Residential streets, hills and intersections are being treated with salt and will be complete by this afternoon. Local street conditions should improve significantly as the day progresses.

Blocked catch basins
are being cleared and the activity is being supported by operational staff from Waterworks and Wastewater and Parks. Staff continue to respond to localized conditions as they are reported.

Transit :

Transit reported some delays this morning due to icy conditions but are now back on schedule.

Water and Wastewater:

Both services continue to monitor and have operational readiness to respond as per their Business Continuity Plan. Wastewater expects higher than normal flows and will go into storm flow protocols through the weekend. GRCA is being monitored for water level increases by Wastewater staff.

Corporate Communications:

Updates on Corporate response to the storm are being shared throughout all media outlets. Staff are liaising with Guelph Hydro Communications staff to align and share messaging.

The Community Emergency Management Coordinator and Staff are monitoring the weather system and will continue to respond to the event with existing resources throughout weekend. Incident Management System Level 1 has been employed to coordinate our activity.


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One response to “Rain and Snow over the last 24 hours

  1. SG

    I was just like to say to the operations staff, Thanks! Thanks for all the extra work that is being undertaken at this time. We sometimes don’t realize how much extra work needs to be done to until we get a winter lke this. Staff have been courteous, professional and their response as quick as they can be. They are out there shovels in hand and plows etc trying to keep up with the weather.

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