Wilson Farmhouse Supporters Visiting REEP House on Saturday Feb 22

Are you Interested in the potential restoration of Wilson Farmhouse into a
neighbourhood community centre with an imbedded Green Living Showroom?

Seeing Is Believing! Come and take a free tour of REEP House, (donations to REEP House accepted)

20 Mill Street, Kitchener

Saturday February 22, 11 am – 1 pm

Guided by original REEP House designer and project manager Ben Barclay.

Explore how:

• We can beautifully restore a Century Home, transforming it into a valuable community asset, while preserving Heritage features and appeal.

• You can use a Green Living Showroom to design a green renovation to chop your heating bills, and increase the value of your home.

Wilson Farmhouse “before restoration”, 2013

REEP House “after restoration” 2013

REEP House:

• was Canada’s first LEED Platinum restoration of a Century Home
• uses $150 of gas to heat annually
• won the 2011 Minister of Energy’s Environmental Award of Excellence.

For Further Tour Info:

Ben Barclay
226 201 0226



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3 responses to “Wilson Farmhouse Supporters Visiting REEP House on Saturday Feb 22

  1. MS

    I have to question the wording of “valuable community asset”.

  2. John

    Would you prefer “invaluable community asset”?

  3. palmer s

    nice to see the taxpayers huge support for this barn.

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