Winter Control 17/18 Feb 14

Staff memo.

As at 6:00pm Monday February 17th 2014

Forecast is for rising temperatures, 6 cm of snow and high winds starting at 11pm tonight.

Snow will continue throughout the night and will end at approximately 10am tomorrow morning. High winds will cause blowing snow which may cause drifting on roads and rights of way.

City crews are at the ready to treat roads, sidewalks, stairs, parking lots and other facilities with an aim to make the commute as safe as possible tomorrow morning. That being said, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians should use caution when traveling and add sufficient time to their journey starting later tonight.

No residential street plow-out is scheduled for this time.

Snow angels are available for those that need it and have signed up.

Additional details and information is available on the City web page. This message has been coordinated with our Corporate Communications Dept.

Have a safe night.


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