speedvale ave renovations between manhattan and woolwich

A resident’s comments.

Speedvale should remain as two lanes in both directions and no bike lane other wise it will look like an express highway in a residential community.
Futher more I can tell you that the bike lanes on speedvale east of the proposed road work have never had a bicycle using the marked bike lanes as they find the road too dangerous from my observations .
Bike lanes are usless in the winter because that area is used for snow storage as the city plows on some streets cant push the snow any further of the road without burying the sidewalks and the someone is suggesting that home owners shovel the sidewalks which is rediculus.keep those sidewalk plows going.
Also you cant put a total prohibition parking ban in Guelph as older residential communities are titer for parking than the rich folk communities with wider lots and double drive ways.dont penalize the older residential communities as they need ON street parking both summer and winter.
The bridge for a short cut and safety would be better served if constructed across the river from emma street for bicycle traffic.
Perhaps a vehicular bridge should be constructed across the river at the end of emma street to relieve the vehicle traffic congestion on speedvale ave. as there is quite a distance between eramosa road and speedvale ave in order to disperse some of the traffic from speedvale ave and also delhi street.it would also relieve the high crash incidents at the intersection off woolwich and speedvale ave.
Just some other ideas for consideration .
Have a good day RG


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One response to “speedvale ave renovations between manhattan and woolwich

  1. Don

    I think that the Speedvale Woolwich intersection is dangerous because so many people driving through it are in a hurry and choose not to yield the right of way when they should. You know who I mean. The person who sneaks through on the end of the left turn signal. The other person who turns right on a red causing through traffic to slam on their brakes. Happens all day every day. You can build new bridges until the cows come home but it won’t cure the screw thy neighbour attitude so many people have when they get behind the wheel.

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