Speedvale Ave reconstruction

A resident’s comments on road reconstruction.

I have attached a copy of the letter sent to my home last week. I’m sure you aware of the proposed reconstruction for Speedvale Avenue. You may not have been informed of how much property some of us are going to lose if Option 1 is chosen. The proposal is to move my property line back 20 feet. I will no longer have a front lawn.

1.There is a chance I will no longer comply with the setback bylaw and if this is the case I will be unable to develop any part of my home plus it will seriously affect its value.

2.The snow plow when it plows along the curbside throws the snow at least 16 feet into the drive. This is a mixture of snow, slush, ice boulders, and salt. Moving the curb will put this snow and ice into the car sitting in the driveway or possibly even hit the garage.

3.Please notice the angle from Delhi across the property

4.This road is an arterial road with cars and tractor trailers – how can I be expected to adapt to the noise any closer than it is?

5.The legend reads “property to be purchased by City”. In other words this is an expropriation as far as I’m concerned.

Now as much as I know I’m supposed to be thinking clearly and rationally, personal feelings really do come into this. My Grandfather built this home for my Mother and his newly born Grand-daughter which is me. I have lived and worked my whole life in this city giving back to the community and expected to retire in this home my Grandfather lovingly built. I always thought this was one of the greatest cities to live in. Now I have to fight for my land. Something I never expected I would ever have to do.

For the first time in my life I’m asking my ward councilors for help. I’m hoping there is something you can do and some compromise we can come to so I don’t lose this 20 feet of property line.

I’m sure you will be attending the meeting but thought you should know what I’m facing.  NI



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3 responses to “Speedvale Ave reconstruction

  1. Don

    Where is the attachment please?

  2. ianward2

    The attachment contains information that identifies the email writer. I will ask permission to post.

    • Don

      That’s not necessary. I didn’t realize it was omitted on purpose. I wondered which house it was but I figured that out . I understand why she’s upset.

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