City Hall Living Wall

A resident’s comments.

I have seen a few items circulating around social media in regards to the “death” of the living wall at City Hall. I am getting the impression that many of our city residents did not realize the yearly cost to maintain this decorative wall. Now that the wall had major issues, we will pay at least another 12,000 dollars to redo the wall and 10,000 dollars this year to maintain it. I just can not see how this is a justifiable way to spend taxpayers money.

The wall was a nice thought and idea five years ago when our new City Hall opened. However, it is obvious that this idea hasn’t worked out in the past five years, and perhaps the city should reconsider and alternate use for ‎the area versus spending so much money on such a small space.

My main concern is the environment that our city reception workers must face each day working beside this wall. It was stated that some workers feel ill and must leave their posts due to the smell of the wall. Today I had to go to City Hall to do some business and I couldn’t believe the smell from the wall, which was covered in plastic. The smell of rot and mould took over the large entrance way and evidently this was considered a good day. By the time I left City Hall I had a bit of a headache and felt very sympathetic towards the reception attendants that have to work in such a strong smell.

I believe the city can justify spending money to revamp this wall into a public work station area where people could sit and research or complete paperwork and forms. To spend money on an decorative idea that has proven to be costly to maintain, and has proven not to survive long term is a waste of taxpayer’s money.

Please ‎encourage fellow councillors to take time to really consider the financial implications of rebuilding the living wall, and seriously consider the health and well being of those whose must work beside it. JM


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