City-wide On-street Overnight Parking Review – Initiation

Staff memo.

As directed by Council, City staff are initiating a review of the current overnight on-street parking restrictions for the City of Guelph. As part of this review, staff will examine options that may potentially maintain, add to, change or eliminate the existing overnight on-street parking by-law. Currently, the by-law restricts parking on city streets from 2-6 a.m. during the winter season from November 1 to April 30. However, a number of streets, generally located in older areas of the city, are exempted from this restriction. City staff have heard from the public that the status quo may no longer be acceptable.

This review will be lead by the Traffic & Parking Division located within the Public Works Department. Following the principles of the Community Engagement Framework, staff will be embarking on a consultative approach to gaining the community stakeholder input. Staff will also be actively engaging the City’s internal staff in order that their valued input on planning, building and operating the municipality is obtained. Other comparable municipalities will also be researched for their current overnight on-street parking by-laws. This information will assist in informing the community stakeholders on the pros and cons of overnight on-street parking.

Corporate Communications have assisted the Traffic & Parking staff in preparing appropriate media and communication material in support of this review.

A public consultation session will be held on: Wednesday, February 26, 2014, 6 p.m., Galleria, City Hall, 1 Carden Street. At the session, the public will have an opportunity to provide input about alternatives to be considered for overnight on-street parking in Guelph. The public may also provide comments by participating in the online survey. The survey will be open from February 13 to March 12, 2014 on



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2 responses to “City-wide On-street Overnight Parking Review – Initiation

  1. John

    Parking Enforcement is lax. There are areas around Homewood wher the staff are parking on the streets for their 8 hour shifts on a daily basis and there has been no sign of getting parking tickets for a 2 hour restriction (Emma, Pleasant,Delhi)

    • SG

      I thought the whole point of increasing density was to help get people out of their cars as amenties, jobs etc. would be closer and transit would be more accessible. In our area our abundance of on street parking is from landlords who rent out more rooms in their rentals than aloud. If the city wants to relax the rules anymore then they can start charging people to park on the street infront of residents homes and taking care of our blvds. This is a bad idea, new housing, condo’s and high rises need to provide enough parking for those who live there. Residents should be able to have their on street parking available instead of turning our streets into a massive parking lot.

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