Winter Control – 5 Feb 14 – Update #2

Staff memo.

As at 3:30 pm Wednesday February 5th, 2014

This is an update from the earlier report this morning. The weather forecast changed in the last 4 hours such that the low front has not moved as quickly through our area as anticipated. This has resulted in more snow than what was forecast. We are now at 13 cm of accumulation with snow dwindling to negligible amounts by 4:30 pm. Blowing snow remains a possibility.

Public Works has a full complement of Road and Sidewalk Plows out. Other members of the winter control team are working on parking lots, stairs and Downtown areas. Sidewalk plows have had to reset and are now focused on main routes.

Given the total snow accumulation, a residential plowout has been planned for an 8 pm start this evening. This plowout will likely take longer to complete given the amount of snow we have received and challenges with snow storage. Thus it could take up to 24 hrs to complete the residential plowout.

Corporate Communications has updated the information bulletin on the website.


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