Celebrating Black History Month in Downtown Guelph

In celebration of Black History Month in Canada, you are invited to attend events and activities that are taking place in February.

The Guelph Black Heritage Society have collaborated for two events in Downtown Guelph. Together with the Bookshelf Cinema, they kick off Black History Month by premiering Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom on
Thursday February 6th. Join them at the Civic Museum for a second event on Friday February 28th (6.30pm – 9pm, free admission) for singing, spoken word and a documentary film.

Old Quebec Street in Downtown Guelph will host a free event between 11am and 1pm on Wednesday February 19th. Organized by local business The Shea Butter Man Shoppe, guests of all ages can enjoy colourful African Art exhibits, a puppet show featuring a story from Ghana, and an interactive drum circle.

Special guest Paul Harpley, designer of the African Savanna at the Toronto Zoo (now retired), will be on hand to answer your questions.

Come back to Old Quebec Street between 6.30pm – 8.30pm and join a community drumming circle led by Nii Addico.

Owner of The Shea Butter Man Shoppe, Juli Amoah, says “this event celebrates the diverse roots of the nation we call home, and reminds everyone that our community is made up of those from near and far. It also gives guests the opportunity to view the magnificence of Africa today as well as take a peek at the past”.


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