Winter Control – 1 Feb 14

Staff memo.

As at 7:00 am, Saturday February 1st 2014

The City of Guelph has received trace amounts of snow overnight. Environment Canada issued a significant snow warning last night stating that the Wellington area could expect upwards of 15 cm of snow. This is due to a low pressure front moving in from the West. However, we have just received an updated weather forecast that is now predicting approximately 7cm of snow and then switching to freezing rain and then rain for a total of 8mm. Temperature is -5C now and will rise to +2C later this evening. Snow expected to start at 10am.

The impact of this weather front could result in poor driving conditions and difficult walking conditions for pedestrians. There is chance of minor flooding in low lying areas if rain falls immediately after the snow. Finally, heavy snow and freezing rain could result in further damage to our tree canopy across the City.

Public Works have staff on duty now and will call in others to deal with roads and sidewalks as the situation develops. At this time, planning for a residential plowout has occurred but the decision has not been made to launch this service.

Fire, EMS and Guelph Transit are reporting no interruptions to their service at this time. 72hr emergency kits should be checked and restocked as necessary.

[Everything that has been previously mentioned in the Corporate Communications update yesterday (available on is still extant. Coordination of staff has occurred such that Corporate Communications will update soon after this e-mail is received.]

Next update is scheduled for 1pm today, or as the weather dictates.

Community and Social Services facilities are all open and program is running as scheduled. Staff


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