Live Free so children in our community can Live Free of Hunger

The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington is kicking off year six of the Live Free Campaign, and hope you will choose to help local kids Live Free from hunger! MPP Ted Arnott, confirmed with us yesterday at the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce Mayor’s Breakfast, that he is indeed planning to Live Free with us!

On Friday February 28th, we are challenging you to Live Free of something you take for granted every day. Maybe it’s a regular treat you give yourself or it’s something that you love to do each day. As a community will all make promises to give up one thing, and then ask friends and family to support us by making donations to our community giving page. This will help local kids Live Free from hunger.

Between the schools and community members of Guelph, Wellington and Dufferin last year, we raised over $44,000, which went directly to our Food and Friends breakfast, snack and lunch programs. Our programs have grown to 92 this year and we need your help more than ever and we have set a goal of $45,000.

To sign up, click here. Your photo and sacrifice will be highlighted on our “2014 Participants” page then all you need to do is collect donations in person or direct people to our community giving page where, as a community we will strive to match what the schools are raising with a joint goal of $45,000! Reaching this goal means we will all help kids Live Free from hunger!

You can make all the difference for these children and youth who go to school hungry. For some, the food served in these programs is their only meal for the day.

Leading up to Live Free day the Children’s Foundation will be featuring student nutrition programs and stories of ambassadors like you through social media, our website, newspapers and radio. We will be hosting a kick off breakfast on February 7th at J.D. Hogarth Public School in Fergus and a Live Free Day breakfast on Feb 28th at Willow Road Public School in Guelph. We would love to see you there- let me know if you can make it at by replying to this email.  KD


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