Winter Control – 27 Jan 14

Staff memo.

Update as at 7:00 am, Monday January 27th, 2014

As predicted, high winds and cold temperatures continue throughout Guelph and region. What was not forecast was the amount of extra snow we received overnight. Various weather reports we receive are indicating 6-7 cm of new snow fell overnight. This snow accumulation, with the high winds, is causing the same issue that we experienced on Saturday, namely “drifting.”

Road, sidewalk and downtown maintainer crews worked throughout the night with a view of keeping on top of the situation. Crews were challenged with the winds and drifting snow; however, temperatures had risen sufficiently that salt material was effective and therefore it was being placed after the blades scraped off the roads.

Crews are at full complement. Road crews have shifted their efforts to the secondary routes right now to assist Guelph Transit and other commuters travelling on these roadways. Sidewalk crews have gone into the residential areas and have reported back completion rates of 20-90%. However, drifting snow this morning is negating some of this work. Downtown maintainers are focused on the GO/Via rail platform and Guelph Central Station platforms.

No decision has been made on a residential plowout as yet.

Public Works is aware that school buses are running this morning. Drivers are asked to use caution when travelling, adjust speed for the conditions and allow for extra travel time this morning.   Staff


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