Cell towers and “smart” meters are making me very ill

A comment on cell towers.

I moved into southern Ontario a couple years ago from the north, and did not understand why my health deteriorated so suddenly. Rather quickly half my hair fell out, I developed chronic PNEUMONIA that has almost killed me a number of times, and there is inflammation that makes my joints hurt and limit mobility – along with the burning skin, heart palpitations, tremors, insominia, and such. I thought I was dying, but not see these are all from RF/microwave radiations rampant down here. IT IS INIMICAL TO HEALTH AND ABILITY TO FUNCTION PRODUCTIVELY IN THE WORLD – Please do all you can to stop this proliferation, and vote AGAINST the insanity that harms every one of us – you included. With kind regards I urge you to act on BEHALF OF LIFE-ENHANCING THINGS. MP


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