Winter Control Update – 25 Jan 14

Staff memo.

As forecasted, we are getting the snow, high winds and extreme wind chill.

Right now Guelph is under a blowing snow warning with wind gusts as high as 50-60km/hr. As of 6:00 am this morning we had 2.5 cm of new snow in previous 12 hrs. We are experiencing drifting snow due to high winds making driving conditions poor.

We have had plow trucks out all night focused primarily on the mains and secondary routes. As of 7 am this morning we have 10 trucks out on the main and secondary routes. The main effort is plowing off drifts to allow for safer passage of vehicles. Salt is not being put down right now as its effect is negligible given the extreme cold and the fact that it would be plowed off the road unto the boulevards on the next pass of the plows. The use of organic material for traction control is also not possible due to severe cold and would only make the roads more slippery.

Sidewalk plows are now being deployed and will be focused on the main routes.

Extreme caution is advised to all drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians until further notice.


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