January 27th Council decision on File #ZC1215 158 Fife Roada

A resident’s comments.

I write to you today as we lead up to January 27th City Council Planning Meeting, where Al Hearne’s final report will be submitted for the consideration of Council (ZC 1215, 158 Fife Road).

Over the past twelve months Astrid Clos of Astrid J. Clos Planning Consultants, Chris Sims of Gamsby & Mannerow Consulting Engineers and myself have worked very closely with Staff and concerned neighbours. During this time, which included a neighbourhood meeting hosted at City Hall, we listened, heard and responded to all concerns. The proposed plan was revised to respond to the concerns expressed and we believe that the neighbours have no further objections. This is clearly reflected in the Staff report 13-63 before you for a decision.

In light of the article published in Monday’s edition of the Guelph Mercury (see attached) I felt it critical to respond directly to City Council members. It is important to note that this article references comments from the neighbours which pre-date our neighbourhood meeting.

We have had only one response from a resident since our neighbourhood meeting referencing the final report with a brief statement of “no concerns, looks good” (see attached email).  MK

Bruder email

Guelph Mercury article Monday January 20, 2014


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One response to “January 27th Council decision on File #ZC1215 158 Fife Roada

  1. Ron

    Perhaps EVERY council member should go visit this small parcel of land and learn what a mistake it would be to cram 25 townhouses into this parcel.

    Perhaps the Wilson Farmhouse could be knocked down and the 25 townhouses built there.

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