Enforcement cameras

A resident’s perspective.

I just read in the news that our own Police Chief Larkin is making a move toward (again) introducing enforcement cameras. Before council moves to approve this, might I suggest that a thorough comprehensive study be done first and foremost. There is plenty of proven and anecdotal evidence to show that these cameras are basically nothing but a cash grab and not a safety incentive at all. There is also conclusive evidence available that these cameras can actually be unsafe and even have been shown to contribute to accidents. And, politically, the introduction of these cameras will not likely go over well with the electorate, your voters.

Please do extensive and exhaustive studies before approving this lame brained cash grab idea. EW



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2 responses to “Enforcement cameras

  1. Ron

    Please DO NOT do EXTENSIVE and EXHAUSTIVE studies on this as they will cost us even MORE money.

    Get a grip!!

    If you are driving properly, you have nothing to fear from enforcement cameras.

    Do what other municipalities do; rotate the locations so that it is never known when an intersection is being monitored. Kitchener, Hamilton and other’s already use them.

    So what if it’s a cash grab. At least it’s money being generated from infractions.

    I say bring them on. It’s about time something was done to “educate” drivers in Guelph.

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