Winter Control Update – Residential Plowout Called – 6 Jan 2014

Staff memo.

It will be no surprise to anyone, but we have officially reached the threshold of 10 cm across the entire City. Therefore, a residential plowout has been called out for midnight tonight.

Please note that this work is done by several different contractors and normally takes 12-16 hrs to complete. It is anticipated that at least 50% will be completed by 7 am tomorrow morning.

City staff will focus its own equipment on the main and secondary roads. Other City staff will be mobilized to clear entrance ways to all City operated facilities in advance of tomorrow’s opening times.

Snow/Ice pellets are expected to fall all night which will prove challenging to achieve bare asphalt or concrete surfaces everywhere. Staff will do their best to get to minimum standards by 8am. Please note that it could take another 48-72 hrs to push the snow completely back. Both the public and City staff should be cautious tomorrow morning as they head into work.

Finally, as expected, this snow fall will hamper City efforts to clear downed branches from the ice storm two Sundays ago. Work will continue regardless.   Staff


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