Public Works – Storm Update – Sunday 22 Dec 13

Staff memo.

Public Works road and Downtown maintenance crews have worked all night to make the roads and right of ways passable. It has been extremely challenging as we have been fighting against the continued storm all through the night. As soon as salt is put down, additional precipitation has diluted it. However, we are persisting. The current state of the roads is that the mains and secondary routes are wet and passable, but will required continued monitoring and application of material. Sidewalk crews have also been out, but are struggling to keep up and making a difference given the nature of this right of way (ie. Lack of traffic, pressure and latent surface temperature). Time permitting, Road crews will go into residential areas to put down some salt/sand but this is proving challenging in some areas as low hanging trees are preventing trucks from getting down streets.

Main concern now is Hydro outages (blown transformers) and hazard situation with our Urban Forest. Ice accretion has had a significant impact and the heavier load is causing trees to fail. We have approximately 30 calls of trees/limbs on roads and houses. As per the storms in April and July, we are prioritizing our clean up efforts. First priority is to assist Guelph Hydro where we can. Second priority is to clear roads so that Police and Fire & Emergency Services can gain access if necessary. Third priority is opening access to residential homes from downed City trees.

Operational leadership is meeting at Guelph Fire HQ at 10 am this morning to discuss operational coordination and communication. Stacey Hare is is available to support from Corporate Communication.

Finally, as expected, we are experiencing an extremely high call volume. I am asking for your support to pass on our priorities and to assist residents in not inflating the seriousness of their issue. When this is done, it takes us away from the higher priority work we need to be focused on. If people do not need to travel, I respectfully ask all residents to stay off roads and sidewalks today.   Staff


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