Cell Tower issue

Two resident’s perspectives.

It was gratifying to watch the councillors interact with presenters at monday’s Committee Meeting on this topic. It would appear that several have become informed as to the enormity of the problems in these matters as suggested by Sue Leblanc and her team. BRAVO! I am heartened to see even this limited progress as our civic leaders awaken to the dilemma before us citizens and the outright fraud of the antiquated Code 6 standards.
As some of you are now well beyond the public’s knowledge threshold on this topic and can appreciate the finer points in this debate I am hopeful that you will use your leadership role to bring this to the attention of the community at large so that an informed public discussion can direct a public policy. This would be a significant event in municipal politics here in Ontario and show significant leadership across the country. It would decisively challenge the naiveté behind the regulatory capture that is controlling this dangerous agenda.
Do keep up the good work. GB


This is one of the leading documentaries on the issue of electromagnetic radiation and cell towers:

Resonance: Beings of Frequency
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6n-fIHGia8 SL


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