Winter storm update – 15 Dec – Residential Plow-out

Staff memo.

The purpose of this e-mail is to inform you that a decision has been made to conduct a residential “plow out” later today.

The plow out will start at approximately 3pm. As per our operational procedures, contracted services will conduct this work, allowing PW staff to continue to focus on the main and secondary routes throughout the City. The plow out operation will take approximately 12-16 hrs to complete with an aim to have all work complete by early Monday morning. Staff



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3 responses to “Winter storm update – 15 Dec – Residential Plow-out

  1. Lot

    Thanks for the decision to conduct a residential plow-out today. In my area at Wilton-Ingram drive, the snow is so deep that’s why, people with small cars having a hard time driving today.

  2. John

    The street cleaning was done fairly fast with a plow being on our street behind GGH by 6 p.m. My only concern with the sidewalk plows is that in our older area of the city the sidewalks are narrower than the new walks and as a result the grass on both sides of the walk are being ripped out. Are the blades on the plows adjustable? If so, can the operators adjust the angle to prevent destruction of the grass ?

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