Information Flow Protocol

Staff memo.

You will recall that on Sept. 30, 2013 Council approved an Information Flow Protocol to formalize professional practices related to sharing information between Council and staff. This document serves as a framework to support knowledge exchange efforts to respect Council’s rights to access information while also protecting obligations to privacy and confidentiality. Although the foundational elements of the protocol are now established, this document will be reviewed annually and will continue to evolve in order to better address program development in areas such as Open Government, Records and Information Management and Access and Privacy.

Attached to this email is a copy of the finalized Information Flow Protocol as well as two related appendices. The first entitled, “Council Guide to Responding to Constituent and Stakeholder Inquiries” provides various circumstances surrounding an inquiries you may receive as well as suggested guidelines and contact information. The second, entitled “Agenda Distribution Process”, provides you with some detail surrounding information work flow and dissemination practices as it relates to the Council and Committee agenda production cycle.   Staff

Info Flow Protocol

Council Constituent Response Guidess

Agenda Distribution Process


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