Wilson Farmhouse viewing

I was asked about public notification and any subsequent viewing opportunities for the Wilson Farmhouse. Here is the staff response.  ian

We ran an ad in the Tribune on November 28th (as attached) advising of the RFEOI and the open house. Furthermore, the Tribune ran a small piece (http://www.guelphtribune.ca/news/want-to-buy-a-farmhouse/) on November 26th which also mentioned the open house. Finally, those parties that were on file as having expressed an interest in the house in the past, were contact directly about the RFEOI and the open house.

A second open house is not contemplated at this point. If Realty Services receives requests to visit the house from potential respondents to the RFEOI, we would provide the photos we took during the open house.   Staff




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3 responses to “Wilson Farmhouse viewing

  1. geo

    How many pounds of mould do you think will have to be removed before it’s safe to live in there?

  2. Chi-iro

    Did you go see it? It is just surface mould.

  3. geo

    Just surface mould? Mould is mould.

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