Compensation changes for City managers and non-union staff include better way to link performance and pay

The City is making changes to its compensation practices for non-union and management employees (NUME) to remain competitive as an employer of choice; attract and keep employees that deliver high quality services to the community; and manage costs.
On December 16, Council will rise and report on six changes to NUME compensation and benefits, as recommended by staff. Read the corresponding staff report here.
Changes include adopting a progression pay program that more closely connects employee performance to annual pay increases; more modern practices including three personal days, which are consistent with what other municipalities and the private sector have in place; and a reduction in benefit entitlements that provide financial savings for the City.
“These changes move the City in the right direction towards offering compensation that’s fair and attractive to employees, while helping to manage costs associated with total compensation over the long term,” said Mark Amorosi, executive director of Corporate and Human Resources. Amorosi adds that the City needs to be able recruit and retain a skilled workforce in a competitive labour market in a way that manages costs responsibly.
All but one of the changes will be in place starting January 1, 2014. The progression pay program will start one year later.
The City has not made significant changes to NUME compensation since 2005.
Each year the City’s Human Resources department provides an annual report to Council that measures where the City sits among a number of human resource management and financial indicators. The indicators are based on information from other municipalities and the broader public and private sectors, including the Conference Board of Canada. Read the latest edition of this report here.


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