Letter of Support for Fair Trade Towns from Toronto and Vancouver Councillors.

A note from the Fair Trade Initiative.

Below is a short letter of support for the Fair Trade Town Inititave. I hope you will have time to read it.
Fair Trade Guelph will be serving free Fair Trade coffee Saturday December 14th from 10:00am – 12 noon at Persephone’s on Wilson St, and the Flour Barrel on Wyndham St.
Feel free to join us 🙂  SM

Dear Municipal Colleague,

In May 2013, Toronto received its official Fair Trade City designation, making it the largest designated city in North America, and following up on Vancouver’s 2010 achievement of becoming the first Fair Trade City in Canada.

Fair Trade is an organized social movement and market based approach aimed at alleviating global poverty and promoting sustainability, thereby creating opportunities and better trading conditions for economically disadvantaged or marginalized producers.

Vancouver and Toronto have joined the ranks of more than 1,100 cities and towns from many countries, who aim to empower farmers and workers in developing communities around the world through commitments to fair trade.

As leaders within our communities, we can steps to support this movement that will lead to better trading conditions and to securing the rights of marginalized producers.

We hope that Toronto’s recent achievement, and Vancouver’s experience as a Fair Trade City, will encourage other municipalities in Canada to follow a similar path.

Being a Fair Trade Town or City shows the global community that your citizens, with their everyday purchasing power, are ready to make a positive difference in the lives of millions around the world. To become a Fair Trade Town or City, you support:

• An informed public & media knowledgeable about fair trade
• Ethical & sustainable initiatives promoted in the community
• Community support from schools, workplaces, faith groups
• Diversity of fair trade products & businesses

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the process for Fair Trade Towns designation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to connect you with the proper resources to build positive change at home and around the world.
Mike Layton


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