Solid Waste Management Master Plan Review Survey

Staff memo.

I’d like to provide you with an important update on the Solid Waste Management Master Plan Review.

This fall, the SWMMP Review survey polled residents to gauge attitudes and perceptions about Guelph’s waste management programs and services and identify priorities for improving its waste management system. The survey was completed in conjunction with the first open house and focus groups held with key stakeholders in the community.

Below is quick reference of the key findings from the survey and a link to the publically available survey findings report and frequently asked questions.

What are the “key findings” in the survey report?
• The majority of Guelph residents feel the City should continue offering the yard waste collection program (78% “strongly” agree it should continue)
• Residents agree the City should improve its waste collection programs at multi-residential properties, but do not support a property tax increase to fund the improvements
• About two-thirds of residents are willing to support energy-from-waste options if the cost is the same or less than taking the waste to landfill
• Residents don’t support a user fee model for waste collection, and feel the cost of waste collection should stay within the scope of property taxes

Upcoming dates
• Winter 2014
o A second open house will take place in early 2014 for residents to learn about the waste minimization and diversion options identified during the review process and to provide feedback.
• Spring 2014
o The SWMMP Review report containing recommendations will go to Council for approval.

Questions and more information
For more information about the SWMMP Review and to read the survey findings report and frequently asked questions visit   Staff


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