Follow Up – Inquiries @GPSMedia

Memo from the Chief.

We had two requests for information as a result of our presentation from Council (we do not have access to ERNIE) so forwarding via email:

1. In relation to the proposed new police station, can you provide the following info:
a. Cost per sq. ft. to renovate
b. Cost per sq. ft. to build new


a. the cost per square foot for the renovation is $163;
b. For the east addition is $368
For the west addition is $162.

Please note: The difference between the two addition costs per square foot, is the west addition has two levels of parking garage therefore does not have the same amount of walls with heating and electrical systems that the east addition will (i.e. office space versus open space).

Please note the following the $34 Million provided is all costs in.

2. Police ratio to population and comparison.

Please find attached 2012 data from Police Resources Canada. GPS generally compares to Barrie, Kingston, Thunder Bay as primary as well as Chatham-Kent, Brantford and Peterborough.

Stats – GPS cop to pop


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One response to “Follow Up – Inquiries @GPSMedia

  1. John

    Why is the Police Force able to tell the City that it doesn’t want to stay on Clair Rd in the Station it shares with other services. Instead of wasting $34 Million on the present station, let’s have more Sub-Stations and get the Officers out in the City patrolling the various Wards. Most times when you go past the current station you wonder if anyone is patrolling as almost all of the vehicles are parked (and don’t give me the shift change excuse as it can be any time of the day).It would be nice to get the Police walking the beat again rather than driving around wasting gas. I want Value for my Taxes and I don’t think that I am getting it from many of the City Departments !!!!

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