Recommendation December 5th – Staff motion related to the Guelph Police Services Headquarters Project (PS0033

Staff memo.

I am sending it in advance for your consideration December 5th.

THAT Guelph City Council approves in principle the $20.4M additional capital allocation for the Guelph Police Services (GPS) Headquarters project (PS0033) in the City’s Recommended 2014 Capital Budget for a total project budget allocation of $34M conditional upon a business case being completed to the satisfaction of the GPS Board and for ultimate approval of Council before the project proceeds should it involve city owned assets;

AND THAT the business case be completed in a manner that ensures that this significant capital project has been analysed to deliver the highest long-term community benefit as well as to leverage the best return on the City’s investment;

AND THAT following additional considerations be explored as part of the business case analysis on the project, including but not limited to:

• Net Operating impacts,
• New Construction vs. Renovation,
• Tax assessment impacts for building or renovating within Downtown vs. building on sites outside of downtown,
• Impacts of consolidating operations vs. continuing satellite functions at Clair Road,
• Any potential for long-term efficiencies between Emergency Services and GPS, and
• Additional value statements with regard to enhanced GPS operations due to investment in headquarters;

AND THAT the additional project analysis is provided by Q2 2014.  Staff


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