With Appreciation

A resident’s observations following budget discussions.

I could not help but notice your active but courteous questioning of the staff regarding their requests for additional FTEs, in particular Mr. Amorosi during budget proceedings. There have been many promises that these expensive IT staff are going to make the business operations of the city more efficient/effective so as to justify the considerable cost.I became very concerned as you appeared to be when Staff seemed uncertain after you questioned him when we would see a return on our expenditure for these IT staff..and before he was about to say 5 years? Another Staff intervened to say in the first quarter of 2014. I’ll be looking for concrete evidence that that is the case.
Anyway to be honest I was a bit upset about the fiasco regarding the downtown Pissoirs but you are certainly making up for the past recently, and I hope to be able to persuade the friends (including some retirees) that I have in Ward 2 to support your bid for reelection in the next election should you choose to do so. I am very satisfied with Mr. Van Hellemond’s efforts as well.

Thanks again for your public service commitment.  BB


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