Proposed Rental Licensing in Guelph – Rental Licensing in London Facing Financial Challenges

A landlord’s perspective.

Please consider carefully what this proposed program will mean to ALL taxpayers in Guelph and whether tenants can afford the inevitable increases in rent that will be passed on to them as a result of licensing fees.

My name is AM and I am a landlord, Guelph home owner, and life long resident of Guelph.
I am hoping you can take a few minutes to read the link below regarding the problems and financial burden on ALL property owners in London, Ontario with their Rental Licensing Program. The program is a MAJOR financial burden on ALL taxpayers there and has been proven to NOT solve the issues they are trying to address.
Please consider the following:
• There are already existing mechanisms in place to deal with the problems we have with rental housing in Guelph. Let’s enforce the existing bylaws in Guelph and deal with problem landlords and NOT punish the majority of good ones.
• Like any business, any extra fees WILL be passed on to Tenants, many of which cannot afford to pay higher rents.
• Licensing will not control disruptive behaviour of tenants. Increased fines should be given directly to the people that cause noise or show behavioural problems.
• Any taxpayers of Guelph (as in London) will NOT be interested in subsidizing this program as city taxes are already very high.
• Landlords will decrease improvements to properties if they have to pay additional fees to the City. This is simple economics.

Let’s learn from London city council mistakes and improve the tools we already have in place! Thank you for your time.  AM



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6 responses to “Proposed Rental Licensing in Guelph – Rental Licensing in London Facing Financial Challenges

  1. LM

    As a tenant I completely agree with AM. This is not the way to resolve issues with bad tenants and bad landlords, it will not only punish good landlords, but also good tenants who WILL end up paying for the cost to implement this program.

    • gvip1290

      Instead of wasting more tax dollars – inforce the current property standards bylaws, noise by laws, lodging bylaws, building code laws. We are already paying bylaw enforcement officers. Get them to do their job on the tenants and landlords that are violating the existing laws. If we need to tweak a few of the laws because there are loopholes, then let’s correct those without adding further expense.

  2. MG

    Excellent points by AM and the other respondents. I am a landlord, but was a tenant for years, and rental prices in Guelph are already high enough. Let’s not make this city even more unaffordable for everyone, and start looking at real solutions to the existing rental problems.

  3. calin

    A better solution would be, as others have suggested, substantially increase fines. But for that we need better enforcement, and the current by-law enforcement isn’t cutting it.

    Better idea is to privatize the by-law dept which would let us hire more inspectors and get better accountability.

  4. Jen McDermott

    I have many concerns surrounding rental licensing. Landlords with registered properties already have their properties assessed at a higher tax rate. There are over 8000 properties that are registered, however, one can surmise that there are many more dwellings that are not registered with the city. Why punish the landlords that follow the procedures and bylaws? Licensing will make landlords weary of registering their properties, will be a financial burden to the tenants, and not prevent disruptive behaviour. A landlord that does not live in the dwelling should not be considered an absentee landlord. Only those who live outside of Guelph and rent dwellings in our city should be considered absentee. We have bylaw officers who have been given more power to enforce bylaws to those who are disruptive. This is a what I consider to be a “bedroom tax” and will do nothing but be a costly proposition to the landlords, tenants, and taxpayers. Take a page from London and say no to this fruitless idea!

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