Wilson Farmhouse maintenance

Staff memo.

Corporate Building Maintenance is responsible for the regular ongoing maintenance of City-owned facilities, including the Wilson Farmhouse. Given the focus on the farmhouse over the past few months, we want you to know that starting on Monday, December 2, contractors will be onsite at 80 Simmonds Drive to attend to some building maintenance needs that require immediate attention.

These include:

1. Sealing the opening under hatch on west side of house
2. Repairing roof leaks and reviewing loose and/or curled shingles on the west side of the house
3. Sealing the hole in the bottom right corner of the south facing dormer
4. Sealing the gap in the rubble foundation at southeast corner of building
5. Repairing holes in front porch roof above previous fascia and sealing northeast corner of porch roof
6. Sealing small opening below valley above porch roof and to the left of the metal chimney

This maintenance work needs to be done in order to comply with our property standards by-law as well as to preserve the facility until the ‘Request for Expression of Interest’ process for the reuse/redevelopment of this building has been completed. Maintenance costs are expected to be between $1,000 and $4,000, depending on how far we need to go with the roof repairs. Please note that we do have funding to cover these expenses in our ‘stranded assets’ account.  Staff



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3 responses to “Wilson Farmhouse maintenance

  1. MS

    Any time there are high winds, shingles blow off. Last time, I found a shingle wedged under the front tire of my car. Please check the entire roof.

  2. palmer s


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