More about @GPSmedia new HQ

11_2013 GPS Presentation PSB HQ


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  1. mike darmon

    Looking at this presentation makes me wonder why the last update and original plan failed to make this building adaptable to modern standards as it seems it was never planned properly in the first place.Another renovation will not solve these problems.
    I wonder if we should be looking at an entirely new building at some point and try and deal with some of the pressing issues in the present building.
    I wonder how renovations can be effectively done while trying to continue service.
    Perhaps a better location would be the old reformatory lands .The buildings were made of durable ,secure material and could be renovated to high energy and policing standards without the constraints of trying to work around running a police station.Considering the way our city has grown and expanded “downtown ” is not the center of Guelph anymore.
    Another location might be the Malleable iron property-owned by the city and an opportunity to deal with the contamination .
    I do object to one of the proposals for the future garage .Why do we need to have a garage that will house most of the fleet ?
    I agree that some vehicles should be in a heated space but to build /heat cool /vent a garage of this size is a huge environment and capital cost as well as being unnecessary with modern vehicles .Surely some sort of outside security fencing would be a far cheaper option and may actually have some risk advantage .What if we had a fire explosion in the garage ?
    Hope these suggestions help.

    noticed an error in placement of the detention center photo -it looks more like a photo of the mechanical ,plumbing corridor(hope this is just a mistake )

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