“The Human Scale” documentary and GCAT discussion Monday and Tuesday

GCAT discusses the movie, “The Human Scale”
Join Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation (GCAT) for the viewing of the documentary. “The Human Scale”, at the Bookshelf on November 25 and November 26. After the film, GCAT will be holding an open discussion of the movie. We would like to have a dialogue about how we can use ideas and apply principles from the documentary to improve Active Transportation in Guelph.
Here is the Bookshelf review of the movie:
“What if cities were designed and used with the movement of human beings in mind, rather than the movement of automobiles? With 50% of the world’s population currently living in urban areas, and 80% projected for 2050, Danish architect and professor Jan Gehl brings 40 years of experience and research to the debate between humans versus automobiles in urban planning. From China to America to Australia, urban planners show examples of cities making productive changes to the urban landscape, moving away from the post-WWII, cheap oil, auto-centric design of society. While The Human Scale presents but one perspective on urban design, it is an encouraging whisper among the deafening automotive drone behind so much urban planning.”
Here is a preview: http://thehumanscale.dk/
View the film and let the discussion begin.
We are offering 2 nights of discussion as follows:
When: Monday November 25th
Time: Dinner-5:00pm, The Human Scale- 6:30pm-8:00pm, Social- 8:00pm
Where: Green Room, Bookshelf, eBar
Regular admission fees applies for movie
When:Tuesday November 26th
Time: The Human Scale- 9:00pm-10:30, Discussion- 10:30pm
Regular admission fee applies for movie
Where: Bookshelf
GCAT’s mission is to improve the quantity, quality and safety of active transportation in Guelph.
We will be accepting donations towards the installation of new bicycle racks for Guelph non-profit housing around the city.
For more information, please email GCAT activeguelph@gmail.com


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