SRTRC Alumni Stadium Phase Two

A budget request with staff response.

The basics of the proposal are below.

Speed River TFC (SRTFC) will be bringing a proposal to the attention of City Council on Nov 28th.
1. Speed River TFC has made Guelph into a national centre for distance running with 5 Olympians.
2. Athletics Canada has made SRTFC into a national Olympic training centre
3. In partnership with the UofG, Alumni Stadium became a national class track facility due to a 10 day $1 million fund raising effort by SRTFC.
4. The facility lacks jump and throw facilities that are required to host national and international events. The UofG has allocated land for Phase Two.
5. SRTFC is looking at forming a partnership with the City of Guelph to bring extensive economic activity to the city through hosting events and expanding the scope of our Olympic training centre.
More detail…

The Alumni stadium complex is a multi-million dollar facility with the best track in Canada. The sport, however, is track and field and we are lacking adequate jump and throw facilities. We have plans and the UofG has set aside space for these facilities, known as Phase Two. Once Phase Two is complete we will be able to host events that will generate economic activity to Guelph. Beyond the events we could expand the scope of our national Olympic training centre, bringing many athletes to live in Guelph.

SRTFC has become the dominant force in Canadian distance running, with 5 Olympians training in Guelph as part of a 100+ group of athletes from all over Canada now training in Guelph. In partnership with the UofG, we raised more than $1 million in 10 days to build a new track facility in Alumni Stadium. Athletics Canada is reorganizing the way it trains Olympians and Guelph is now a national training centre. SRTFC athletes support many local programs; elementary school, recreational runner events and activity programs for the disadvantaged.

SRTFC has extensive experience hosting events, including 4 years of the Canadian National XC Championships (returning again soon). We have plans to host a large number of events as soon as we have the appropriate facilities built.

I have attached a pdf of the proposal.  JM



Yesterday, staff had a chance to meet with the Track Club to discuss their proposal. It should be noted that this is the first time that this Club has presented or discussed any information related to their proposal with staff.

At the meeting additional information was shared by the Club, to support some of the key financial indicators summarized in the high-level project outline. A cursory review of the materials has shown the need for further assessment and discussion with all relevant stakeholders.

Further due diligence (needs assessment) would include the following:
• Confirmation of projected economic impact models
• Confirmation of other associations and partnerships
• Confirmation of funding / costing program and model

Typically these items are developed through a business case analysis, which is the preferred model for CSS prioritization of projects.

At this point it is our recommendation that Council receives the presentation by the Club at Budget Public Delegation Night on November 28, and that the proposal is referred back to staff for further analysis and consultation. A recommendation via a staff report to committee can be developed in time to inform the 2015 capital budget ask.  Staff


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