City accepting expressions of interest to reuse Wilson Farmhouse

The City is accepting expressions of interest from community members and public or private sector organizations to make use of the Wilson Farmhouse.

Earlier this month, Guelph City Council passed a special resolution to allow for expressions of interest for the sale or lease of 80 Simmonds Drive to determine if there is interest for community or residential use of the building and the small area of land surrounding the farmhouse.

Interested parties can email to ask for a detailed proposal package to learn more about the submission process. The subject line should include reference number 13-161 and the full name of the company or individual, address and contact information should be mentioned in the body of the email. The deadline for submissions is March 20, 2014 at 2:30 p.m.

City staff will present all submissions received at a future open session Council meeting. If no expressions of interest are received or deemed appropriate by Council, the farmhouse will demolished and its materials, where possible, will be salvaged for reuse or recycling.

The City is also inviting interested parties to view the Wilson Farmhouse on December 5. Further details about this onsite tour are available in the proposal package.

About Wilson Farmhouse
Wilson Farmhouse is a City-owned, two-storey farmhouse built in about 1880. The building measures 2,263 square feet. Currently, 80 Simmonds Drive is zoned P.2 Parkland. In 2005, the City acquired the farmhouse as part of a parkland dedication in the Northern Heights subdivision. Rezoning will be necessary for any uses not permitted under P.2.


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One response to “City accepting expressions of interest to reuse Wilson Farmhouse

  1. Dennis Galon

    City staff deserves compliments for getting this request for expressions of interest out so quickly.

    I sure hope those pushing for demolition don’t find sinister conspiracy in the fact the email address is “purchasing@…” Perhaps a tad thoughtless, but certainly not an expression of preference for sever and sell!

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