Proposed 2014 DC By-Law – Public Meeting November 18 2013

Staff memo.

Per statutory provisions under the Development Charges Act, 1997 [12. (1)], it is required that a proposed Development Charges (DC) By-Law and DC Background Study shall be made available to the public at least two weeks prior to the public meeting where the proposed DC By-Law is being presented. As you are aware, over the last year the City has been developing a new 2014 DC By-Law to come into effect when the current 2009 By-Law expires on March 2, 2014. A public meeting has been scheduled for November 18, 2013 for this proposed new by-law to now be considered. A public notice indicating this went out last week to comply with other statutory requirements under the Act to give at least 20 days notice of the public meeting.

This e-mail is provided to inform you that in compliance with the Act the proposed 2013 DC Background Study and recommended 2014 DC By-Law have now been posted to the City website and can be found at The consolidated schedule is attached here. As well, a printed copy of the 200 page document has been provided to the Service Guelph desk at City Hall to allow constituents who don’t have access to a computer opportunity to review the 2013 Background Study during regular business hours. Further copies are already being printed for inclusion with your regular Council packages scheduled to go out next week along with the Staff Report and (if possible) presentation slide deck for this item.

You will see when opening the link that further links are imbedded in the website to access the various Master Plans, correspondence, etc used to develop the 2013 DC Background Study and proposed 2014 DC By-Law. We trust this information will be helpful and note that it can be shared with constituents for their interest.

As identified in the proposed 2014 DC By-Law, staff are recommending a very modest increase for this 5-year by-law over the 2009 DC By-law of 12.6% for residential units and introduces a new non-residential rate that is below the previous rates for the industrial and commercial/institutional rates it replaces. The By-Law itself is little changed from the 2009 DC By-Law currently in place save tightening up some definitions, including health as an eligible item (to address the new Public Health facilities) and introducing a Local Services policy.

A draft bulletin is set to go out next week announcing the proposed rates and describing the process undertaken to arrive at these recommendations including significant consultation with the Ontario Municipal Board directed Peer Review Team, the development community the Review Team represented and other business/community stakeholders.

FINAL for Posting Consolidated Report – Guelph[1]


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