Riverside Glen Health Centre- Public Health Letter

From Riverside Glen.

Attached is a letter from Dr. M to City Planning from last week – I’m not sure whether you had received it yet from Staff.

My brother J met with NM on Oct 23 at which time she indicated that the drawings for a separate entrance (which we had submitted to the City Building Department in July and had presented to Public Health in April) are sufficient for PH to withdraw to their objection to our application subject to us reconfirming that the door from the future Clinic waiting room will be locked except for emergency evacuation (had been previously confirmed and labeled on the drawings) and subject to the Clinic washroom being designated barrier free which can be achieved by installation of a power door operator (installation had been completed previous to this request). Jamie provided a ‘reconfirmation’ letter to Staff on Oct 25 – also attached.   BS

Sylvia Kirkwood, City of Guelph, Letter of October 29, 2013 re Porposed Official Plan & Zoning Bylaw Amendment

2013 10 25 Letter Ms. Kirkwood re Riverside Glen Health Centre

Attachment – Proposed Clinic Areas 2013-10-21


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