Evergreen Volunteer Appreciation

A staff memo reflecting on the Volunteer Appreciation night at the Evergreen Senior Centre this week. Many members of City Staff participated in addition to Mayor Farbridge and Councillors Hofland, Van Hellemond and myself.

Wow, what an amazing evening!

The entertainment, smiles, laughter, support and dedication from each and every one of you who helped make the evening a grand success! Evergreen has been known to provide a fantastic Volunteer Appreciation for the 500+ volunteers who contribute to the success of the centre. The comments this morning from many of the volunteers here at the Centre, was last night was the best one yet!

The Black Water Trio was absolutely marvellous and everyone was engaged! People were up dancing on the dance floor, moving in their seats and it was great to see many of you engaged. The Evergreen volunteers do appreciate and enjoy when City staff, friends and family are engaged with the theme and having fun.

It is remarkable to see the positivity amongst everyone, the team work and enthusiasm is truly an inspiration to many individuals to see and be a part of which makes you want to return next year for more!

Thank you for dressing the part and being part of the team!

The Evergreen staff team begins organizing this event in January and works very hard to have a smooth successful event. Thank you Evergreen staff team! This could not have been done without you.

Hope to see you again next year for the annual event and once again, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!  Staff


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