City undertaking Stormwater Funding Study

The City is starting a Stormwater Funding Study to explore alternative ways to pay for its stormwater management program.

“The intent of the stormwater funding study is to determine future program costs and public service expectations, along with a way to provide a dedicated and sustainable funding source with charges allocated in a fair and equitable manner,” explained Arun Hindupur, infrastructure planning engineer, Engineering Services.

Currently, stormwater management in the City of Guelph is funded through a combination of property taxes, development charges and the federal gas tax.

“The City has just started the funding study, and we are in the process of determining a list of alternative funding tools based on research and best practices from other municipalities,” said Hindupur. “The City is considering a number of alternative funding options, and we are asking members of the public and interested stakeholders to help us determine the most suitable funding system for the City.”

As part of the study, the City will involve residents, business and institution owners, environmental organizations and other stakeholders in an inclusive and meaningful community engagement process. The community engagement process will include the creation of a project webpage, Stakeholder Advisory Group and two public open houses.

The City of Guelph manages all aspects of the local stormwater system. This system is critical for reducing the risk of floods, controlling downstream erosion and for ensuring both water quality and quantity in local streams and rivers.

Like other Ontario municipalities, the City of Guelph is experiencing increasing pressure for stormwater management due to aging infrastructure, changing weather patterns, and the growth of the community.

It is expected that the study will be completed in the spring of 2014.


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