Wilson Farm House

A resident’s perspective.

I have followed the issue of the Wilson Farm House with great interest. I was excited to read about the potential business model for a future multi-use facility on Councillor Findlay’s Ward 2 blog.

I have read the motion by Leanne Piper that will be voted on at the November 4 meeting. It was worded as follows:

That staff be directed to issue a Request for Expressions of Interest for the sale or lease of 80 Simmonds Drive (Wilson Farmhouse) for a period of 120 days for community use or residential use (including its permitted uses under the Zoning By-law). And that staff report back at a future meeting of Council all Expressions of Interest received, for evaluation and further direction. And that, if no Expressions of Interest are received, or deemed appropriate by Council for further consideration, that the farmhouse at 80 Simmonds Drive be demolished and its materials, where possible, be salvaged for reuse or recycling.

I support this motion, and believe this is the most reasonable approach, with the greatest benefit to all. This approach allows for greater public participation, and allows interested parties an opportunity to explore uses for the property that can benefit the community as a whole, without burdening the taxpayer.

There is nothing to lose and much to gain from this approach. I wish for councillors to vote in favour of this motion, without any further amendments. MB



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3 responses to “Wilson Farm House

  1. MS

    None of this benefits those of us directly across from the farm house. My immediate neighbours and I disagree.

  2. Jim H.

    At some point a decision has to be made – tear down a mold and animal infected property or spend millions of taxpayers dollars on a pie in the sky half-baked idea. That is why we have a Council – I have no hope you will make the correct decision – but at least make one!!!

  3. palmer s

    Jim,i agree with you

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