Launch Your Idea with The Elevator Project

elevator project

Help bring your great community idea to life!

Hopefully you’ve heard about the Guelph Community Innovation Connection
, a collaborative 3 year project funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

It’s now officially underway, and has been renamed the Elevator Project.

10 Carden is one of the 4 community partners, including
Innovation Guelph
The Guelph Community Health Centre, and the City of Guelph that are moving the Elevator Project ahead.

As one of Guelph’s changemakers, you are invited to be part of the initial phase of getting ideas in the door for this innovative and exciting project that promises to match funds and other supports to many community-benefit projects.

To make sure your idea gets the attention it deserves, stop by 10 Carden to meet one-on-one with our Community Collaborateur, Katrina McQuail
at any of the times listed below from now until December:

· Tuesday afternoons from 1:00-4:00pm

· Wednesday evenings from 7:00pm-10:00pm

· Friday mornings from 9am-noon

Don’t worry about whether your idea is fully formed or fleshed out. Bring your ideas in often and early. We’d rather have a post-it with your name and idea than nothing at all. Consider this the germination phase, and that over time your idea could build, grow and even form together with other ideas. Come see what others are thinking. We will start a community map of ideas, and help move them forward in the process.

This idea generation and preparation work is building towards a process that will identify community interest around topics and specific projects. Within the next 3 months, supports will be matched to those projects with both short-and long-term community interest and benefit.

The Elevator Project is founded on collaboration and Cash + which means it’s not just about money. Selected projects receive mentorship support, business coaching, communications, community engagement as well as financial funding. Everyone benefits by participating.

The best way to get involved is to get your idea in the door. The Elevator Project, Guelph’s Community-Benefit Launchpad.


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  1. Claire

    awesome Ian – looking forward to seeing this evolve! is there a ‘sharable’ format for this message?

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