Memo of costs for downtown policing

Memo from the Chief.

I had the numbers for 2013 confirmed.

2013 – $33 million dollar operating budget with 15m tied to front-line policing costs.

$243,000 is directly linked to Downtown policing (including Safe Semester but not including Downtown Officer).

$116,000 is for the cost of a full time Downtown Community Resource Officer.

This are 2013 actuals.

The $243,000 (Downtown Policing) and $116,000 (Downtown Resource Officer) is all inclusive (compensation package) although does not include equipment and/or fleet costs.

The $33 million is net operating and $15 million attributed to front-line policing.  BL


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One response to “Memo of costs for downtown policing

  1. Dis-a-Ray Antiques

    What people really want to know is daytime vs. night-time. Daytime is basically crackhead crime which represents a net loss and impedes people, especially the elderly, from coming downtown. Night-time is primarily drunken youth, which is offset by the huge economic benefits of their actions. It all should be part of a bigger discussion but it is a good start.

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